Nim Wstanie Dzień

Organic Noises’s interpretation of ‘Nim Wstanie Dzien’ – a composition by Krzysztof Komeda for Edward Skórzewski & Jerzy Hoffman’s movie ‘Prawo i Pięść’ (1964). Originally sung by Edmund Fetting.

Hoondz [Հունձ (Hundz)]

Hoondz is inspired by a melody from traditional dance from the city of Aparan in Central  Armenia.


Our first single Yarkhushta is inspired by an Armenian highlander’s folk and martial dance. It has origin of the historical region of Sassoun in Western Armenia.  To raise the fighting spirit, Yarkhushta has been ritually danced by Armenian soldiers before the combats.


Erghen Diado

Erghen Diado is orginally performed by the Bulgarian State Radio & Television Female Vocal Choir. Composed by prof. Petar Liondev.
Organic Noises are very gratefull for this beautiful piece!

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