Jazz Juniors Hitch On Music International Exchange Competition 2017!

Remembering playing at Jazz Juniors Hitch On Music International Exchange Competition 2017 brings tears to our eyes.

We a quote a part of the Martin Longley’s article about the competition for All About Jazz:

One or two of the bands might have veered too close to bland pop, or romantically formal jazz, but there were several real contenders here, offering some varied stylistic tendencies… 
Organic Noises displayed a central influence of Armenian folk music, with Zofia Trystula-Hovhannisyan specialising in traditional blown instruments the duduk and zurna, along with the more common oboe. The rest of the sextet played violin, keyboards, guitar, bass and drums, ending up with a folk-rock-jazz fusion. Their sound could be described as Eastern Fairport, but slanted a touch more towards progressive rock, once guitarist Robert Wiercioch opened up his solo (each band tended to play only three numbers, not stepping over the 30 minute threshold). Joanna Chudyba offered a deeply resonant, chorused violin solo, as Armenian folk slipped towards the native Polish tradition, via a Krzysztof Komeda theme. As their third song struck, the Organic Noises emphasis tilted yet again, this time towards a straighter, bordering-on-metal sound.


RCK Pro Jazz 2017


We had wonderful opportunity to take part in VIII RCK Pro Jazz Competition at 04.08.2017 in Kolobrzeg. Haven’t won any prize, but made good impression on the audience and spent great time at the seaside! 🙂

Our drummer Janek Rusin would thank, he has got the scholarship of the President of the City of Lublin to realize this project.


Erghen Diado released!

New release!

‘Erghen Diado’, the second music video of Polish-Armenian ethnic-jazz group Organic Noises out now!

Erghen Diado is orginally performed by the Bulgarian State Radio & Television Female Vocal Choir. Composed by prof. Petar Liondev.
Organic Noises are very gratefull for this beautiful piece!
More information about it on our youtube profile.

We invite you to listen, watch and comment!

Mix and mastering: Karol Gołuch
Video: Hovo Hovhannisyan, Jan Rusin
Graphic design: Joanna Chudyba

First single ‘Yarkhushta’ released!

We proudly announce our first single release. It comes with live music video.

Organic Noises – Yarkhushta

Yarkhushta is an Armenian highlander’s folk and martial dance. It has origin of the historical region of Sassoun in Western Armenia.  To raise the fighting spirit, Yarkhushta has been ritually danced by Armenian soldiers before the combats.


Mix and mastering: Karol Gołuch
Video: Hovo Hovhannisyan, Jan Rusin
Graphic design: Joanna Chudyba

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