Our music is a creative combination of Eastern European and Armenian traditional themes with jazz, fusion, rock and progressive generes.


The unique sound of Organic Noises is based on a combination of traditional, ethnic armenian instruments (duduk, zurna, pku, ney), acoustic instruments (violin, oboe, flute, guitar, double bass) and modern rhytmic and harmonic ensamble (electric violin, synthetizers, moog, bass, drums).


  • 1st prize at VI School & Jazz Competition 2017 with additional individual award for former pianist, Karolina Wiercioch
  • commendation in the Grand Final of the New York Festival 2018.
  • finalist of the VIII RCK Pro Jazz Competition 2017
  • finalist of the HitchOn Music Exchange Jazz Juniors 2017
  • finalist of the International Jazz Competition „Jazz Wings 2018”

Music of the group has been broadcasted in Radio Kraków (PL), Leo Swiss Radio (CH), Radio Lublin (PL), Pro Radio (PL) or Shant TV (ARM).
Piece „Yarkhushta” has been used in „The Road”, a 12-part TV documentary show produced for Armenian Public TV.
They had a pleasure to play the final concert during the official celebration of the 650 years of the Armenian Diaspory in Poland.

Band cooperates with Armenian duduk and clarinet virtuoso – Harutyun Chkolyan (duduk, zurna, ney, clarinet) and music company Music of Armenia.

The group is formed by young musicians, students and graduates of jazz and classical music academies:

Zofia Trystuła-Hovhannisyan

oboe, corno inglese, duduk, zurna, flute, vocal and composition


Graduate of the Classical Department of Music Acadamy in Kraków, prof. Marek Mleczko’s oboe class (Master degree in Arts).
Zofia cooperated with many well known artists and conductors, such as : Krzysztof Penderecki, Zbigniew Preisner , Grzegorz Turnau, Diego Navarro, Hans Zimmer, Elliot Goldenthal, Jocelyn Pook, Dario Marianelli, Yan Pascal Tortelier, Ruben Hakhverdyan, Tadeusz Wojciechowski, Modestas Pitrenas, Wolfgang Seeliger, Christian Schumann, Michael Maciaszczyk, Jerzy Maksymiuk, Marek Moś, Adam Klocek.

She also cooperated or still cooperating with Armenian National Opera Orchestra of Yerevan, Youth Orchestra of Armenia , Karabakh Chamber Orchestra, Beethoven Academy Orchestra , Cracovia Codra, Krakow Chamber Orchestra, Young Polish Philharmonic Orchestra, Krakow Old Town Orchestra.

However she finds her interests in playing many different music styles, from classical to jazz, klezmer, ethnic music or even sung poetry. She is a composer and wind instruments player for klezmer and ethnic-jazz group KlezzJezz.

Zofia took part in many musical competitions, festivals, tours and concerts, inter alia in Poland, Norway, Iceland, France, Hungary, Greece, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, China, Slovenia, Portugal, Armenia, Republic of Nagorno- Karabakh.

Her additional achievements:
– Finalist of the Jazz Juniors Hitch On Music Exchange Competition 2017
– Finalist of the VIII RCK Pro Jazz Competition
– 1st prize at VI School & Jazz Competition for Organic Noises (Lubaczow/ 2017)
– 1st prize at International Competition ”Antonio Salieri” in Legnago (Italy/ 2015)
– 2nd prize at ”eMuse” online music competition in Athens (Greece/ 2015 ) in chamber music category
– 2nd prize at VII International Competition ”Giovani Musicisti – Citta di Treviso” (Italy/ 2015)
– 1st prize at VII International Competition and Festival for Soloists and Chamber Music Groups SVIREL (Slovenia/2015 ) in Solo category
– 2nd prize at International Competition ”Luigi Zanuccoli ” Sogliano al Rubicone (Italy/ 2014) -Scholarship of Erasmus program (study continuation in the oboe class of Prof. Jean-Michell Garetti in Portugal , 2013/2014)
– 2nd prize at V International Competition and Festival for Soloists and Chamber Music Groups SVIREL (Slovenia/ 2013) in Chamber Music category
– Scholarship of foundation ProBonoPL and ‘Zwierciadlo’ group in Young Polish Philharmonic Orchestra ( 2011)

Her passion about the Armenian traditional music started when she first time heard the sound of duduk. To discover deeply Armenian music and culture, she decided to live in Armenia for couple of months. During her stay in Yerevan she was learning Armenian traditional music, dance and Armenian language and also worked as an oboist in Armenian National Opera Orchestra of Yerevan and State Youth Orchestra of Armenia.

Joanna Chudyba

violin, electric violin, composition


Graduate of Academy of Music in Katowice on Jazz Department, in Henryk Gembalski’s jazz violin class.

Violinist, composer and arranger of JJ5 Music Production group (cooperation with Szymon Piotrowski and Jan Rusin, composing and perform music for movies, video games, short videos etc.)
Violin player of the legendary polish progressive rock band Ankh.

She finds her interst in jazz, fusion, progresive rock, film music.
Joanna has acheived 1st prize at VI School & Jazz Competition with Organic Noises  band (Lubaczow, 2017). She is also a finalist of the VIII RCK Pro Jazz Competition and of the Jazz Juniors Hitch On Music Exchange Competition 2017.

She performed with many polish and eurpean musicians. Plays jazz violin but also she used to play chamber music or perform with string orchestra. Joanna is open to cooperation with many musical groups resulting in play with modern rap group during their tour around Poland. Her musical inspirations and fascinations are divided into jazz, classical and ethnic music (especially roots of eastern european cultures).
She lives in Kraków, Poland.

Jan Rusin

drums, composition


Student of Jazz Department of Academy of Music in Krakow, graduate of Academy of Music in Katowice on Jazz Department

He performed with many polish and european musicians (i.e.: in Amsterdam, Rome). He took part in many recording sessions as a session musician. Drums and percussion player, composer, midi programmer and arranger for JJ5 Music Production group (cooperation with Joanna Chudyba and Szymon Piotrowski, music for movies, video games, short videos, etc.)

Jan also played concerts during openings of art exhibitions (i.e.: at OPT Gardzienice Gallery, ‘U Warszawianek-Stolica’ – opening of Unknown Drawings of Tadeusz Kantor exhibition). He took part as a teacher and performer in several music workshops (most recent – Jazz for Children meetings 2017 organized by Cracow School of Jazz).
He has acheived 1st prize at VI School & Jazz Competition with Organic Noises (Lubaczow, 2017) and 1st prize on Przystanek Mistrzejowice 2017 with Pene i Chlopaki (Krakow, 2017). He is also a finalist of the VIII RCK Pro Jazz Competition (Kolobrzeg 2017), Jazz Juniors Hitch On Music Exchange 2017, the scholarship holder of the President of the City of Lublin (2017) and of the Marshal of the Lublin Voivodeship in the field of artistic creation (2007, 2008, 2018).

Jan collaborated as a journalist with Radio Lublin and several newspapers. He made sound and text interviews, reportages etc. about art community of his hometown, Lublin. He lives in Kraków, Poland.

Marcin Chatys

bass, double bass, moog


Graduate of Academy of Music in Katowice on Jazz Department and Cracow School of Jazz on bass guitar class. He learned with the masters: Tomasz Kupiec, Adam Kowalewski, Krzysztof Bodzoń, Maciej Garbowski, Michał Barański.

He started his music career over 15 yaears ago. He’s an active session musician, cooperated with inter alia: Ronnie Burrage, Michał Wierba, Kevin Mahogany Bob Stoloff, Marek Bałata, Ryszard Rynkowski, Anna Wyszkoni, Mieczysław Szcześniak, Barbara Kurdej-Szatan, Gerald Smith, Wane Ellington, Peter Francis, Brian Fentress, Sonia Lachowolska, Roman Lachowolski (Bosski), Teatr Nowy w Krakowie, Teatr Ludowy w Krakowie, Natural Voice Perfection Institute, Europejskie Stowarzyszenie Sztuki Scenicznej Connect Art or Studio Muzyki, Piosenki i Teatru ARS.

He has been repeatedly elected as a jury member of the International Folk Festival Shanties and Przegląd Kapel Studenckich (PKS).

Maciej Salus



Graduate of Academy of Music in Katowice on Jazz Department. Guitar player and arranger with a lot of recording and performing experience. As a very flexible musician, he has an ability to find himself in many various music generes – from rock, ethnic to jazz and improvised music.

He cooperates permamently with Orkiestra Beethovenowska, worked previously with inter alia: Elżbieta Adamiak, Lidia Jazgar, Grażyna Łobaszewska and musicians associated with famous Jazz Club “U Muniaka”.

He has recorded three albums so far: “Kamienie” with Mano group, “Bunt” with NorFolk and “Btween the shores” with Ola Nowak Band.

Permament cooperation with:

Harutyun Chkolyan

duduk, zurna , shivi, pku, clarinet and ney flute


Multi-instrumentalist specializing in Armenian folk wind instruments: duduk, zurna, shivi, pku, in addition to the clarinet and ney flute. He is graduate of the Komitas State Conservatory of Yerevan, where he studied under renowned duduk master Gevorg Dabaghyan. Considered a musical prodigy, he has initially began his studies on the shivi at the age of six.
Despite his relatively young age ( born in 1991 ) Harutyun is a seasoned professional who has performed extensively throughout the Unites States, Russia, Ukraine, Greece, Turkey, Italy, France, Germany, Jordan, Norway, Bulgaria, Georgia, Poland, Croatia, Artsakh Republic, and of course his native Armenia. In 2006, he had the honor of performing for Senator Edward Kennedy at the Massachusetts State House. In 2007, Harutyun was a featured guest of Marco Werman on
PRI’s The World in partnership with BBC and WGBH. In 2016 he relised solo debut album Armenian Soundscapes: Duduk. Zurna. Ney.
He is currently a member of State Folk Ensamble of Armenia and has performed with the Armenian Philharmonic Orchestra, iCulture Orchestra, as well as other smaller ensambles.
In 2016, during his visit in Poland, he has started to cooperate with the Organic Noises as a traditional wind innstruments player and composer. For this group Harutyun is a ‘binder’ between Eastern European music tradition, modernity and the
rich tradition of Armenian music.

Additional achievements:
– 1st prize at I Duduk Competition, organized by UNESCO (2007)
– 1st prize in Republic Competition devoted to 140-th anniversary Komitas (2009)
-1st prize in International Competition „Renascence” (2009)
-1st prize in TV Project National Music (2010)
– the finalist in TV project New Elects of Duduk (2010)

Harutyun is an active teacher, educator, session musician and live performer. He lives in Yerevan, Armenia.

Former members:

Karolina Wiercioch

piano, synthesizers, composition


Jan Koźliński



Robert Wiercioch

electric and acoustic guitar, composition


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